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Article: Reading suggestions for November

Suggestions de lecture pour novembre - Maison Paréa

Reading suggestions for November

The holidays are the perfect time to take time for yourself, to discover new authors, to finally immerse yourself in the novel you've been waiting to read for a long time! Our team has prepared some reading suggestions for the summer, books by Indigenous authors that you will enjoy discovering or rereading!

Heat the outside

Marie-Andrée Gill, La Peuplade

"She would like to still be part of the decor, to be part of the ordinary of each day with him, to find a cure for the bites of his sweetness. She is afraid of meeting him at the village convenience store and that their bodies will cause a perpetual last time . In his head, a question plays in a loop: how to find oneself in the expanse of the end? The outside is posed as the only answer to broil's inside. While the storm roars and time slowly heals the tear, the voice of the forest and the seasons suggests something like the beginning of appeasement and gratitude. With her heart open to the breaths of belugas and ski-doos, Marie-Andrée Gill takes refuge in writing to accept the impossibility of love, to exist somewhere, in the memory of crazy moments."

Stranger women

Katherena Vermette, Quebec America

"After years of being towed from one foster family to another, sweet Cedar meets her father and goes to live with him, hoping that a calmer chapter in her life will finally open. Her sister Phoenix, who is serving a prison sentence for a serious crime, wonders if she deserves to be forgiven for the wrong she has done, and if she deserves to be reunited with this baby she has just given birth to. Their mother, Elsie, still a slave to her addictions, dreams of the day when they will all be reunited and she can truly support them, unlike her own mother, who was so cold – but who, we learn, had good reason to be so ."


Alexis Vollant, Hannenorak

" Nipinapunan brings to light the inner voice of a young Innu from Pessamit who gives in to the stubbornness of her Montreal partner who wants to experience, for a summer, "the folklore and exoticism" of an indigenous community. he love of language, territory, origins, and feelings towards the loved one are finely woven here, just like what overshadows them. In this true song of the heart, Alexis Vollant signs his first collection of poetry here. "

The gold of the larches

Carole Labarre, Inkwell Memory

"Pishimuss, an elder, looks back on her life within her community. She talks about friendships, loves, caribou hunting, the river and the forest.

L'or des larches is a series of paintings, moments of life, snapshots. Sophie, best friend. Mathias, the son who dies without ever dying. Adeline, the rebellious teenager. And then there is Xavier, the love of his life. Xavier, whose story is carried on the back of a river. A family novel with refined writing, L'or des mélèzes captures scenes from lives that are both luminous and poignant, without pathos or resentment."

Nanabush's Kiss

Drew Hayden Taylor, Speaking

"Nothing ever happens on the Anishinabe reserve of Lac-aux-Loutres. That is, until the arrival of an attractive stranger with blond hair carried by a gleaming 1953 Indian Chief motorcycle. The hunk's intentions are all the more more mysterious than this one seems to know the community from every angle. If the leader Maggie instantly falls under his spell, her son Virgil is much less enthusiastic. Helped by his uncle Wayne, creator of a form of indigenous martial art, he will try to keep the stranger away from Lac-aux-Loutres – and from his mother. And it looks like the raccoons want to do the same.”

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