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Olivier - Maovic mini cover

Sale price$19.00

Olivier, the O of Maovic
  • 10 in. x 16 in. format intended for Maovic MT pillows;
  • Each cover has two sides, a 100% cotton patterned side and a plain side in a matching color in poly cotton;
  • Machine washable covers (washer/dryer)

Pillows sold separately. Get your Maovic MT pillow

Attention! Change to our decorative covers for the 2022 collection. The side zipper is replaced by a wallet closure at the back. The size of the covers does not change, they fit perfectly on the Maovic MT pillows that you already have at home.

If you purchased a pillow before March 1, 2022, please remove the zipper pull using pliers as shown here . Once the zipper pull is removed, your pillow is secure and ready to be inserted into our new covers.

Olivier - Housse Maovic mini - Maison Paréa
Olivier - Maovic mini cover Sale price$19.00