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Article: Top 5 scary Halloween children's books

Top 5 effrayant des livres jeunesse d'Halloween - Maison Paréa

Top 5 scary Halloween children's books

Reading suggestions from Claudia Bouchard @maman.cactus

There are a lot of Halloween books for children! Every year, publishing houses release new albums featuring monsters, ghosts and witches, let's face it, for our greatest happiness. Claudia, a big Halloween fan, presents her top 5!

1. This house is haunted, Oliver Jeffers, Kaleidoscope

Come help a little girl check if her house is haunted! Using special pages, you can make a few ghosts appear here and there.

Very beautiful interactive book, ideal for 0-7 year olds and even for young readers because there is only a little text, the images are magnificent and the story is short. A real favorite with us!

2. The Good, the Bad and the Scary, Jory John, Pete Oswald, Scholastic

This book tells the story of Sunflower Seed who wonders what the perfect costume will be for the Halloween party. It's her favorite holiday but she's so focused on finding the perfect costume that she doesn't enjoy the day and gets in a really bad mood! A friend, Pumpkin Seed, points out something to her. The important thing is to have fun. Will this reflection be positive for Sunflower Seed?! Will she be able to enjoy her favorite day?!

Very nice album with a good moral at the end. Ultimately, we don't have to put so much pressure on ourselves for less useful things!
This book is the last in the series The Bad Seed, The Model Egg and The Chic Pea.

3. Halloween in Quebec, Nathalie Desjardins, Auzou - My first picture book collection

This book transmits lots of great information about the Halloween festival in Quebec, its origins and its festivities using magnificent photographs that facilitate understanding and captivate the interest of little ones. In addition, there is information on traditions around the world and 2 easy-to-do activities. These books are my 3 year old's favorite!

4. The Little Lost Cat, Nicola Killen, Scholastic

This book tells the story of Ollie, who goes for a walk with his cat Pumpkin. She finds a new companion and continues her walk in the woods. She gets lost trying to find her new companion's house. But luckily, his cat Citrouille will come to his rescue!
Very beautiful album in monochrome colors with accents of color depending on the theme addressed. In this one, the color accent is orange. There are 3 other books by this same author which have the theme of Christmas, Easter and back to school.

5. Edgar the Little Ghost, Guido van Genechten, Mijade

Edgar is a little ghost like no other. He likes tranquility, gentleness, taking care of others and he is pink in color and not ghost white. He doesn't like to scare and terrify humans. He begins to think that he has no place among his peers given his differences. On the other hand, he quickly realizes that his differences make him unique and useful to his friends.  Above all, that he has his place with his family and that he can be happy!

Beautiful little book that talks about friendship, acceptance and self-respect and inclusiveness.

Claudia Bouchard is a mother of 2 boys and an educator. She shares her daily life, her love of children's books and a range of ideas for little ones. For more literary inspiration and activities, follow her on Instagram @maman.cactus And @lecoinludique
claudia bouchard mom.cactus
Photo credit: Audrey Tanguay Photographer

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