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Article: Prepare for the time change

Se préparer au changement d'heure - Maison Paréa

Prepare for the time change

It is on the night of November 4 to 5 that we will change the time. Here is some information and also a few little tips to help young and old prepare for this change which takes place twice a year.

Are we moving forward or backward?

Even though our smart devices now do the work for us, many wonder every time the time changes if we're sleeping an hour more or less. To remember this, we can use this little mnemonic trick:
In March, we turn the clock forward. In November, we move it BACK.

If you're a parent, doesn't that change anything?

A joke that we have seen on social networks for several years says that if you have children, you will not sleep better even if we add an hour to the night. Indeed, changing the time can affect children's sleep, even if it only goes back one hour. And as we know, sleep affects everything else!

True or false: changing time is less difficult in the fall than in the spring

It's true (luckily for the parents)! The change to winter time is easier to live with than its spring counterpart, where we lose an hour of sleep during the night.

Adapt the bedtime routine

Even if it goes better than spring, the fall time change requires some adaptation for little sleepers. To prepare them, you can put them to bed a few minutes later each evening during the week preceding the big day. The transition will be less brutal than if you try to put them to bed an hour later all at once.

...and that of the morning

The sun will set earlier, but it will rise earlier too! Opaque curtains or shade will help your mini stay asleep in the morning, until the desired time. If the children ever wake up too early and can no longer sleep, we ask them to stay in their bed for a little quiet time. Toddler-friendly clocks can also help.

Patience, patience, patience

On average, children take about a week to recover from the time change. Their mood, sensitivity, emotions, routine and habits can be disrupted by the transition. We can help them by not planning big activities or outings that will require a ton of energy and concentration in the days that follow.

Same for adults

If little ones' general mood is impacted by changes in their sleep routine, the same goes for adults! To prepare for it, the same tips apply to adults. We go to bed later every day for a few days before the time change, we avoid screens in the evening and we try to keep our bedroom dark in the morning.

The debate continues year after year: should time changes be abolished or not? Until that happens, we make do and try to maintain good sleep habits all year round, for our children and for ourselves!

Cover photo credit: @shaniceunearthed

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