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Article: Our 5 favorite Christmas books

Nos 5 livres de Noël préférés - Maison Paréa

Our 5 favorite Christmas books

Here are the top 5 favorite children's Christmas albums from the Maison Paréa team. We hope that our reading suggestions will please your little ones!

Leave us yours in the comments, we love discovering new titles!

1. The Tiny Santa Claus, Rachel Matson, Joey Chou, Éditions Scholastic

The story with happy rhymes of a fox cub who fears he is too small for Santa to visit him on December 24. The little fox may be very surprised by whoever comes to see him!
the very little Santa Claus mini totem

2. The fabulous Christmas night, Marilyn Faucher, Carole Tremblay, the short scale

A tale as we like them. Marie and her brother Benoît must overcome their fears to succeed in their mission: to bring flour to their mother for Christmas cookies. Along the way, dreams, courage, magic and love are there.
the fabulous christmas night mini totem

3. The blanket that said no to Santa Claus?, Claudia Larochelle, Maira Chiodi, Éditions de la Bagnole

Here we find little Jeanne, who would love for her blanket to believe in Santa Claus like her. Everyone does their part so that the cuddly toy finally gives in to the magic. A character loved by children and a funny story, it's a winning duo!
the mini totem Santa Claus comforter

4. The Wishing Tree, Kyo Maclear, Chris Turnham, Éditions Scholastic

Charles is certain he can find a wishing tree, even though he is told otherwise. He  goes on an adventure by sliding down his slide and will make a whole bunch of wonderful and unexpected discoveries along the way.

the tree of wishes mini totem

5. Santa Claus is afraid of dogs, Andrée Poulin, Jean Morin, Éditions de la Bagnole

We follow Santa Claus on his tour. He faces his greatest fear every time he comes across a dog. The kind Chamomile comes to his aid and helps him overcome his discomfort, but it's really the elf who accompanies him who made us laugh with his lines!
Santa Claus is afraid of dogs

Cover photo credit: Karine Bishop

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