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Pillow care instructions

Pillows: Completely empty the pillow of its hulls before washing. Dry on low heat or air dry. To easily refill the hulls into the cover, use a funnel or paper cone.

Decorative covers: Machine wash. Dry on low heat or air dry. Turn inside out to wash.

Buckwheat hulls: Once or twice a year, refresh the buckwheat hulls by spreading them on a baking sheet in the sun. They will warm up and disinfect under the sun's rays.

Waterproof covers: Wash with cold water. Allow to air dry to maximize their lifespan.

Designed for children aged 2 to 5 years.

Our mini pillows are safe for toddlers.

So that children cannot open their pillow and have access to the buckwheat hulls, the zipper on our mini pillow does not have pull.

To open the pillow, insert a paperclip into the zipper slider. It will act as a pull. Then close the pillow and remove the paperclip.

What our customers think about our waterproof covers

"A must-have for minor mishaps."

Maude Berger - Mini Waterproof Pillow Cover

"Very convenient pillow cover."

France Lemieux - Large Waterproof Pillow Cover

"Perfect for protecting the pillow in case of spills and makes cleaning easier."

Stephanie - Mini Waterproof Pillow Cover

"That's a must! My daughter drools a lot while sleeping, so it's essential for us."

Julie - Mini Waterproof Pillow Cover

Covers for all tastes and decors.

Patterned satin cotton

Patterned satin cotton on one side and plain coordinated polycotton on the reverse. A durable, quality fabric with colors that stay vibrant.

Find the style that matches your bedroom or your little one's favorite among our many designs.


Organic Lyocell

The most environmentally friendly fabric on the market, made from wood pulp. Very soft, it's nicknamed vegetable silk. It's durable, breathable, and nearly wrinkle-free!

Available in 3 colors that match any decor.


Discover Maovic Pillows

The secret of comfort: buckwheat hulls

Buckwheat hulls are an extraordinary filling material. They have anti-dust mite and antibacterial properties and a pleasant soothing odor that promotes relaxation.

Additionally, the shape of the hulls helps regulate body temperature, providing extra comfort. They are also ergonomic, offering excellent support and molding to the body. All our pillows are equipped with a zipper, allowing the sleeper to adjust the amount of hulls as needed.

Treat your family to the best sleep with Maovic!

Natural materials

Our pillows are a thoughtful choice for our planet. We've opted for unbleached cotton and buckwheat hulls, a material with a lifespan of at least 10 years! When they've reached the end of their lifespan, they can be composted.

Proudly canadian

All Maovic items are made in Canada, in our Montreal and Longueuil workshops. Additionally, we use buckwheat hulls grown and fabric printed in Canada. Several of our patterns are designed by local artists. 100% local, always!

Handmade with love and care

Our pillows are handmade with care. For 10 years, we've put a lot of love into each of our products to provide your family with unmatched comfort and unparalleled sleep. High-quality pillows, loved and chosen by local families since 2014.