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Article: Our favorite reusable coffee cups

Nos tasses de café réutilisables préférées - Maison Paréa

Our favorite reusable coffee cups

Like many busy parents, coffee on the go is our drink of choice (it's not for nothing that we have provided 2 insulated pockets in our diaper bags !). We've tried several, but here are the top 5 of our reusable coffee or tea cups for drinking our favorite little pick-me-up at any time of the day.

Café Yo by Mimi & August

Made from natural bamboo fiber, with a 100% recyclable silicone sleeve and lid and above all, designs that charmed us. A+ for these cups from the Quebec company Mimi & August!

We appreciate the simple design, the solidity, the easy maintenance (long live the dishwasher!) and the foolproof waterproofness of this model offered by YETI. Plus, there are tons of colors!


David's Tea Favorite Tumbler

With its reusable straw and cleaning brush included, plus its beautiful design and ideal size, it really is our favorite cup!


Byron 2.0 by Contigo

As moms, we love being able to do things with one hand (have you noticed the design of our Cindy bag, which allows us to do everything with one hand?), we love the Contigo lid. Always just a snap of a sip of coffee away!


HuskeeCup by Huskee.

It was first of all its look that won us over, we find the HuskeeCup so trendy! We also really appreciate the material with which it is designed, which is based on coffee bean hulls.


Cover photo credit: Karine Bishop

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