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Extra buckwheat hulls bag

Sale price$18.00

To replace the hulls in your Maovic pillows or to adjust the quantity your pillow contains, you can purchase additional buckwheat hulls. These are the same ones that we lovingly put in your multifunctional pillows and cushions, buckwheat hulls grown in Canada.

You will receive a bag of buckwheat hulls equivalent to the quantity contained in our children's pillows.
To fill an adult pillow, please order 4 bags.

Do not leave within reach of babies and children, risk of suffocation.

Why choose buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat hulls have a lot of benefits. They have anti-mite, ergonomic properties (since we can adjust the quantity according to our child's needs) and they give off a pleasant, soothing smell which promotes relaxation. In addition, the shape of the husks helps regulate temperature, which provides additional comfort. Unlike other types of cushioning materials that need to be replaced quickly over time, buckwheat hulls last. Just wash them to refresh them! Our pillows are therefore a sensible choice for our planet.

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Extra buckwheat hulls bag Sale price$18.00