Maison Paréa accompanies your families in its daily life. Baby essentials, buckwheat hull pillows, bags and accessories, baby skincare, each item is designed to meet children and parents’ needs. Soft, comfortable, safe, practical, versatile and stylish are the keywords driving us in the creation of Mini Totem, Maovic and Maison Paréa's collections. Our brands are family-approved and are well-known and successful all accross Canada.

How it all began

Having children is a life-changing moment. Sophie Châtillon, mom of 2 minis, pharmacist and founder of Maison Paréa was transformed when she became a mother. “I am grateful for how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing people I can count on. It is important to help each other out, to create a community to support each other. It takes a village to raise children and to support parents!” In 2021, Sophie founded Mini Totem: stylish, functional and safe products to facilitate parents' daily life. The brand’s name is a tribute to its founder’s indigenous roots. She is of mixed ancestry, French and Anishinaabe, and wished to represent this part of her heritage, from her mother’s family. Totems have been used by First Nations communities to represent a clan, a family and its history and Sophie wanted to include this beautiful image in her business. In the Spring of 2022, Mini Totem acquired Maovic's trademark, a local business producing 100% handmade buckwheat hull pillows. Leader in the in the comfort and sleep field and a reference in the maternity and childhood world, Maovic made a remarke appearance on Dans l'oeil du dragon (Dragon's Den) in june 2021. 2023 marks the beginning of a new adventure with the launch of our skin care line. Our Moisturizing Body Lotion, Soothing Diaper Cream and Moisturizing Liniment. Products developed and made locally, with Manicouagan clay, a canadian ingredient with exceptional properties. Our brands are now reunited under one roof as Maison Paréa. In greek, the word parea means a group of friends gathering and enjoying each other's company to share their philosophies, experiences, values and ideas. This is exactly our idea of a village, where the very idea of our business started.

Our mission

active member of its community. Since the beginning of our story, we have made donations and raised funds to support the important missions of organizations such as Le Phare, the CHU Sainte-Justines’ Foundation, the Regroupement des centres d'amitié autochtones du Québec and the Canadian Women’s Foundation. It is a way for us to be part of the change and to contribute to improving families living conditions. By choosing Maison Paréa, you can be proud to contribute to the creation of a supporting community of parents. Thank you for joining our village!

Our values

Support and care: We wish to help those in need and contribute to build a caring community for parents. It takes a village to support parents! Education: By sharing parental tips, pass on our knowledge and learnings about indigenous communities in Canada and shedding light on the important mission of organizations close to our heart, we consider it important to do our share of public education. Diversity: Families that are the face of Mini Totem are part of our village. They share our values and are committed to their communities well-being. Our family and personal realities are made beautiful by their differences! Security: We are committed to your minis’ safety. All our products meet Health Canada and the FDA’s requirements and are covered by commercial insurance. We require additionnal testing on all our Mini Totem produced outside of the country to ensure their safety. A first analysis is made by our manufacturers and a second one is made by a third-party laboratory to ensure they meet health agencies requirements. Local design and production: All our products are designed and developed in Canada and made in Canada whenever possible.This is the case for all our Maovic items and for our Maison Paréa skincare line. These products are also made with local ingredients and materials: canadian-grown buckwheat hulls for Maovic and Manicouagan clay for Maison Paréa. Our Mini Totem candles and t-shirts are also made locally.